Golden Corra l#2489 Bluffton SC

Dear Mr. Lance Trenary.
First congratulations as CEO of Golden Corral.
My Name is Brenda Knight and I live in Richmond VA however for my Birthday weekend on 8/10/-8/12 2018 my husband and I decided to have lunch at the Bluffton Golden Corral. We love Golden Corral here in VA an have visited several in our travels. This was the first time here at this one. We came in and paid for our food and proceeded to a section to sit down. I think the server was Cheryl. I got a plate and was headed to the bar to get my food and I asked her if she could please give us 2 cups of coffee with cream and splendor. She said you have to eat a plate of food or have desert and she will give us a complementary cup of coffee. I said no I would like my coffee with my meal. She was very determine that we were not getting a cup of coffee until we either ate a plate of food or had desert . My husband said we would like the coffee with our meal and he would pay for it she said no I will get the manager. While this was going on I decided to move to another section because her attitude was so abrupt and harsh. When the manager came my husband explained and asked was this a corporate policy he said you can get coffee after you eat a plate of food or have desert. My husband asked for his name and he said Joseph and did not give a last name but gave him a store business card. My husband said we will find out if this is a corporate policy because we had never had this issue before. He then paid for the 2 cups of coffee so we could have it with our meal. The new server Luz brought us coffee my husband gave her a generous tip and she treated us like Mr. Trenary the CEO would probably like all his guest to be treated. This was awful calling the manager for 2 cups of coffee that should have been given anyway. We were very disappointed at Cheryl and her manager Joseph for such poor customer service. I did check with Ms. Jamie Apgar and she said it was not a policy we should have been given coffee when we sat at our table if we wanted it. We Love Golden Corral but this was distasteful.