Herskowitz article

Although this article is largely factual, it is also very biased because it reads as if written by a representative of the development. What's missing here is the other side of the story. For example, that Mr. Herskowitz found himself after the defamation ruling and because of other legal matters potentially owing well over a hundred thousand dollars, living in a very hostile environment and harassment by the local purchased police (even the US State Department has complained about police corruption and harassment in Belize). So he signed an agreement with the development and under extreme duress also signed those letters which are not truthful. The Independent Owners of Sanctuary Belize had over 300 owner members who were concerned about the development, it's failure to progress as promised and where the money was going, etc. This article makes it appear that Mr. Herskowitz was simply a fraudster but that is far from the truth. There is also considerable concern by many owners re fraud by the development. Were many of us happy with the route Mr. Herskowitz chose, no but the story is not correctly portrayed here.